Capture Shopper Attention with Amazon Video Ads

Video ads are a powerful tool to captivate shoppers and convey your brand’s message more effectively than plain images or text ads. Shoppers tend to retain information better when watching a video compared to reading about a brand’s product. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various types of Amazon video ads and also share best practices to help you make the most of them.

5 Types of Amazon Video Ads

  1. Online Video Ads: These can be in-stream or out-stream, reaching audiences on Amazon-owned sites and third-party publisher sites. They offer the flexibility of being skippable or non-skippable.
  2. Sponsored Brands Video Ads: Auto-played, non-skippable ads displayed within the Amazon site. These ads can link to a brand’s Amazon storefront or a single product detail page.
  3. Sponsored Display Video Ads: These ads are muted by default and play on loop. They enable brands to tell their story through demos, unboxing, testimonials, and tutorials. Shoppers can unmute them by using the control button while the video plays.
  4. TV Streaming Ads: Non-skippable video ads displayed on streaming video services.
  5. Twitch Premium Video Ads: Non-skippable ads appearing on live broadcasts.

Best Practices for Online Video Ads

  • Grab shoppers’ attention early by starting your message your message right away and also displaying your logo throughout the ad
  • Create emotionally relevant videos to connect with your audience while keeping them engaged

Best Practices for Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand Video Ads

  • Keep content concise as well as visually appealing
  • Produce high-quality videos
  • Get creative and showcase your product’s unique selling points
  • Demonstrate how the product works instead of just stating it

Best Practices for Streaming Video Ads

  • Define your video’s goal.
  • Craft a compelling narrative to generate interest in your brand or product
  • Use high-quality audio and imagery
  • Include your logo for brand recognition
  • Add a clear call to action (CTA)

In conclusion, Amazon offers five distinct video ad types for selling partners to leverage. Incorporating at least one type into your advertising strategy is essential. For those looking to scale their business, utilizing multiple video types is advantageous as they reach different platforms and offer unique features. Amazon Video ads can also help grow your audience and provide insights into shoppers’ preferences. Each ad type offers specific reporting options to measure performance effectively.

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