Amazon Business Price and Quantity Discount Guide

Business Price and Quantity Discounts Explained:

  • Business Price is a discounted price that is only available to Amazon Business customers regardless of the quantity of units purchased.
  • Quantity Discount is a tiered discount that is only available to Amazon Business customers for high-volume purchases. The seller in the Amazon program sets the tiers offered for quantity pricing.

Best Practices:

  • Adding Business Prices to your listings is recommended for products that are more likely to be repeat orders for customers.
  • Adding Quantity Discounts encourages customers to order in bulk. Quantity Discounts are only offered to Amazon Business customers, so it is designed for products where many units would be ordered in a single purchase.

How to Delete or Edit Business Prices and Quantity Discounts:

  • The easiest way to delete either the business price or quantity discounts is by navigating to:
    • Inventory –> Manage All Inventory
    • Make sure the Business Price column is being displayed. If it is not being displayed, then go to the left corner of the screen and select “Preference: columns hidden” where you can adjust the columns.
  • Once the Business Price column is displayed, edit the Business Price or Quantity Discount directly from that column.
  • Clearing and saving the Business Price or Quantity Discount will delete both. Therefore, to avoid listing pricing errors, do not enter zero as the value. This will result in listing pricing errors.
  • Alternatively, the Business Prices and Quantity Discounts can be deleted through using the file feeds.

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