Preserving SEO Rankings When Migrating to Shopify

When you move your website to Shopify, it’s important to preserve your current SEO rankings. You can keep your rankings through SEO migration. It is important to note that there are some risks when you conduct a SEO migration. You may lose organic traffic, have bad user experiences, and have lower conversion rates. When you migrate to Shopify, there are ways to retain your SEO rankings.

SEO Migration Tips

  • Back up your old site
    • Keep your old site in a secure location.
    • Write down your current site and SEO performance before migration.
  • Have different website migration strategies
    • Change one thing at a time to prevent any data loss.
    • Change your store one aspect at a time.
    • A large overhaul can negatively affect your Google rankings.
  • Audit existing website pages
    • Remove irrelevant pages and make sure your information is updated.
    • Create a list of your current pages and their SEO performance.
  • Check your URL structures
    • When migrating, Shopify uses their own URL structures.
    • Redirect URLs so your customers can visit your website.
    • Audit your current website to make sure there aren’t any pages with 404 errors.
  • Minimize on-page changes
    • Keep your site to the original page.
  • Create and maintain mobile sites
    • Mobile sites help your Google ranking.
    • Use AMP (accelerated mobile pages).
    • Limit mobile pop-ups.