What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

Seller Fulfilled Prime is an option for merchants that fulfill their customers’ orders right from their own warehouse. Sellers are able to fulfill orders themselves while also having the Amazon Prime badge displaying on listings. Customers will benefit from the same one and two day delivery times as they would with fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) orders, with no additional cost to Prime customers. The Amazon Prime badge informs customers that they can expect quick and reliable delivery and free shipping.

Who Is Eligible?

To pre-qualify for the 30-day Seller Fulfilled Prime trial sellers must have an Amazon professional selling account with a default US address shipping address, at least 100 seller-fulfilled packages, a late shipment rate of less than 4%, a cancellation rate of less than 2.5%, and valid tracking rate greater than 95% over the past 90 days.

3 Steps for Enrollment:

  1. Meet the requirements to pre-qualify for the Seller Fulfilled Prime Trial
  2. Register to start the 30-day trial
  3. Maintain minimum expectations during 30-day trial to become an enrolled seller (listed below)

Requirements for Seller Fulfilled Prime Enrollment:

  • An on-time delivery rate of at least 93.5%
  • A valid tracking rate of at least 99%
  • A seller-initiated cancellation rate of less than 0.5%
  • Free one-day and two-day delivery for Prime customers
  • Free nationwide standard shipping for all customers
  • Meet minimum thresholds for one-day and two-day delivery speeds as viewed by Prime customer detail page views
  • Ship and deliver Prime orders on weekends
  • Offer Free Returns on items weighing under 50 lbs
  • Allow post-order customer service inquiries to be managed by Amazon

Is This Right Fit For Your Business?

This may be a good choice for sellers who have an efficient internal warehouse and fulfillment system. Sellers with seasonal products or high value items may also see an increase in sales and conversion rates by participating in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

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