Transitioning Customer Accounts and Historical Data to Shopify

If you’ve decided to migrate your customer’s accounts to your Shopify store, fortunately it is incredibly easy to do so. Shopify is one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms and they allow you to seamlessly transfer your customer’s data. You can transfer product information, customer records, order history, and inventory details straight to your Shopify store. You can either transfer your data yourself or hire a migration specialist.

  • Product data migration
    • Transfer SKUs, produce names, descriptions, images, and pricing.
    • Maintain a consistent online catalog to reduce customer confusion.
    • Avoid any product discrepancies.
  • Customer data migration
    • Migrate customer records, login credentials, and purchase history.
  • Order data migration
    • Maintain order history and payment information.
    • Keep a smooth order fulfillment process to prevent customer frustration.
  • SEO and URL Redirection
    • Prevent any organic traffic loss.
  • Customization and design
    • Optimize performance and user experience by maintaining your business’ mission.