Amazon Brand Registry – Everything You Need to Know About

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Brand Registry is a program that helps brands to protect their IP, manage their listings, and access additional tools within Amazon. It is free to enroll in.

What are the Requirements?

To be eligible to enroll in in brand registry you must have an active registered trademark in each country where you would like to enroll, a pending trademark application that is filed through Amazon IP accelerator, or a trademark that is pending registration in a subset of trademark offices accepted by Amazon. The trademark must be either a text-based or an image-based mark.

Where Should you Get Started?

First, create a brand registry account. Your account must have the same credentials as your seller and/or vendor account. (If your seller and vendor accounts have different credentials fix this first).

Next, start the enrollment process which will require you to submit the following information into your brand registry application.

  • Your brand name that has an active registered trademark. Amazon also accepts brand names with a trademark that is pending registration in a subset of trademark offices.
  • The government-registered trademark number. If you are enrolling with a trademark that is pending registration, you may provide the application number issued by the IP office.
  • A list of product categories in which your brand must be listed, for example apparel, sporting goods, or electronics. You should also include categories that you wish to sell in future.

Then, after you submit your application, you will receive a verification code which you will need to send to Amazon to complete the process.

What Are Some of the Tools Brand Registry Gives Sellers Access To?

  • Amazon Storefronts – You can build an entire online storefront to showcase your products that are available on Amazon. The store builder allows you to design a multi-page shopping experience. You can set up your store so the byline on your product detail pages drives organic traffic there as well as run sponsored brand ads to drive paid traffic to your brand store.
  • A+ Content – Or enhanced brand content helps enrich your product descriptions by allowing you to select from several different modules that text, images, and comparison charts.
  • Manage Your Experiments – Is Amazon A/B or split testing tool that allows you to run various experiments including testing different product titles, descriptions, and A+ Content.
  • Amazon Vine – This is Amazon’s review program in which you can submit up to 30 units of an FBA SKU for review to the members of Amazon’s Vine Voices.
  • Amazon Live – A live video that can help your brand engage with and gain exposure to new audiences.
  • Brand Follow – Your Amazon storefront will have a brand follow button and you set up Amazon Posts to gain followers and connect with your audience.
  • Virtual Bundles – Sell more than one product in a combo deal without having to create variations when you set up virtual bundles.
  • Subscribe and Save – Encourage brand loyalty by offering a discount for customers who sign up for regular shipments of your product.
  • Additional Analytics and Insights – Brand registry gives you access to Amazon Attribution, Brand Metrics, and Brand Analytics to help provide better data on your Amazon efforts.