Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for E-commerce: Driving Organic Traffic to Your Store

SEO is the best way to build authority and trust with your users. A great website and content will rank higher in Google, so your website will be more visible to users. Increasing your website’s ranking can be made easy by implementing the following practices.

Best SEO Practices

  • Keyword research
    • Understand the most relevant and popular keywords for your brand
    • Understand what users search for on Google
    • Subscribe to a keyword research platform


  • Optimize product pages
    • Audit your site structure, meta descriptions, and heading tags
    • Provide keyword rich content on your product descriptions


  • Make your site user friendly
    • Make sure your website loads correctly and quickly
    • Don’t let intrusive ads interfere with user experience


  • Utilize long-tail keywords
    • Long-tail keywords are specific niche keywords that help target users