Optimizing Product Photography: Tips for Stunning and Conversion-Friendly Images

People love taking photos and sharing them on the internet. Customers can more easily connect with images rather than text. Your brand can do the same thing by implementing a product photography strategy to increase brand awareness and reach more customers. Taking the first step towards your product photography strategy can be easy if you have experienced photographers or content creators on your staff.

Product Photography Tips

There is no single way to start your photography strategy. You should pick what will work for your brand and business model. Product photos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are six common types of product shots that can help you set up your shoot. (1) Individual Shots, (2) Group Shots, (3) Lifestyle Shots, (4) Scale Shots, (5) Detailed Shots, and (6) Packing Shots.


  • Decide on the best background
    • Don’t take away from the product by using busy or distracting backgrounds
    • Use a white or light backdrop for a contrasting look


  • Recommended equipment
    • Use a shooting table to take level photos and maintain the correct aspect ratio
    • Use a light tent to evenly distribute light around the product
    • Pick a camera or camera software that can produce high resolution photos
    • Tripods stabilize cameras and make work hands-free


  • Adjust lighting
    • Use natural light to bring attention to the product
    • Use artificial light to highlight specific qualities – but be careful because artificial light can be aggressive


  • Take more photos than you think you need to