Harnessing Advanced Features: Making the Most of Shopify Plus

Shopify was created with the intent of bringing independent sellers together to create a cohesive environment. Today, Shopify is one of the biggest platforms for eCommerce. If your store has been succeeding on Shopify for some time now, you might consider upgrading to Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus includes all the great features of Shopify, and so much more! Shopify Plus has access to new features, integrations, and dedicated support options so that your business can grow.


Shopify Plus

Multiple subscription plans

One subscription plan

Three different types of payment processing fees

One payment processing fee

Sales limit of 100,000 items

No sales limit

Best for businesses <$1 million in revenue

Best for businesses >$1 million in revenue

Additional Features with Shopify Plus

  • More store theme customization with access to Liquid
    • Use Shopify’s tool to customize your store’s theme.
    • Make changes for greater control.
  • More checkout control
    • Give personalized attention to high-spending customers.
    • Work with Shopify Scripts.
    • Use customized shipping methods, customer fields, and payment options.
  • API Integrations
    • Implement more third-party apps.
    • Build your own private apps.
    • Discover apps exclusive to Shopify Plus.