Feedback Loop: Understanding Your Performance Post-migration and Continual Improvements

After your store migration, you will have to constantly monitor your store to make sure your business is profitable. There are opportunities for lost data during and after a store migration. Make sure to review your entire website before you start engaging customers. Customers will get frustrated quickly if your website isn’t working correctly. There are hundreds of Shopify tools available that will help digest all the data that your store creates. Understanding your business metrics can influence any future decisions.

Beginner’s Guide to Shopify’s Analytics

  • Profit reports
    • Understand costs, margins, and profit of your store.
    • Understand how money flows in and out.
    • See profit by product.
    • See profit by product SKU.
  • Order reports
    • Understand order volume, shipping times, and returns.
    • View best- and worst-sellers and the most-returned products.
  • Marketing reports
    • Discover the best marketing channels with the most traffic, sales, and overall value.
    • Understand your best marketing tactics.
    • Learn the sales value for specific marketing products.
    • Determine how much web traffic is generated from specific campaigns.
  • Inventory reports
    • Month-end snapshot of your inventory.
    • Track the quantities sold per day to make better-informed inventory decisions.
    • Assign letter grades to each product based on their sales performance.