Connect Your Advertising Goals with Amazon Ad Optimizations

Four main advertising goals for developing a successful Amazon Ad Campaign are: awareness, consideration, conversions, and loyalty. Aligning your advertising goals with the customers’ journey will help you achieve success with your amazon ads campaigns. 

Awareness Goals – Prioritize expanding your audience to enhance brand recognition and product discovery.

Consideration Goals – Target shoppers that are in the research stage of the decision-making process. Highlight the features and benefits that set your products or brand apart from your competition.

Conversion Goals – Focus on shoppers purchasing your products.

Loyalty Goals – Prioritize turning your existing shoppers into repeat customers who choose your brand over the competition.

Expand Awareness

Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Products help to prioritize awareness. In addition, Amazon also offers brand tools like Store and Posts. Use the performance metrics impressions and top-of-search impression share to measure the success of the campaign. Add to cart, new-to-brand, and shopper engagement rates are key brand metrics to consider. The purpose of the awareness campaign is to show your brand to more shoppers and stay top of mind when shoppers are browsing Amazon.

Drive Consideration

When targeting consideration use the ad types sponsored brands, sponsored display, and sponsored products as well as the brand tools store, posts, and brand follow. The performance metrics that measure success for consideration campaigns are clicks, click-through rate, and store visits. The brand metrics are add-to-cart, consideration index, detail page views, and return on engagement. The purpose of the consideration campaigns is to drive shoppers to your product detail pages.

Increase Conversions

For campaigns focused on conversions, use the ad types sponsored brands, sponsored display, and sponsored products. The performance metrics that measure success are advertising cost of sale, return on advertising spend, sales, orders, and units sold. The brand metrics are customer conversion rate, return on engagement, and purchase index. The purpose of campaigns targeting conversions is to maximize sales.

Grow Loyalty

Sponsored Display ads are ideal when prioritizing customer loyalty. The brand tools are stores, posts, and brand follow. Important metrics to consider for campaigns targeting customer loyalty are attributed purchases, repeat store visitors, repeat purchase rate, and brand follows. The brand metrics are brand customers and subscribe and saver. The purpose of campaigns focused on customer loyalty is to have customers buy from your brand over and over again.


By aligning your advertising goals with the specific stages of the customer journey, you can optimize your Amazon ad campaigns to meet your specific objectives. Whether it is expanding brand awareness, driving consideration, increasing conversions, or fostering customer loyalty, Amazon has the tools and metrics you need to run effective ad campaigns.