Brands That Flourished After Migrating to Shopify with Our Help

Shopify stands out as one of the easiest and most popular platforms to host your online store. Its scalable, reliable nature allows your brand to execute creative control of your online presence. However, setting up your Shopify store comes with its own challenges. Entrust the difficult task to the seasoned professionals at Front Row. We’ll handle the complexities and the pressure off your shoulders and allow you to have more time where you need it most. Mountain High Outfitters is a prime example of a success story that has been replicated hundreds of times. Keep on reading to learn how Front Row harnessed the power of one of the web’s most versatile online platforms.

This past year, a company called Mountain High Outfitters, home to 16 locations across the Southeastern United States, contacted us seeking to enhance their online presence, and provide a more customer friendly shopping experience for their customers.  With their website hosted on Magento, Front Row recommended a migration to Shopify, bringing forth many advantages for the brand.

The migration, however, was more than a platform shift; it became a catalyst for significant sales growth. With the transition to Shopify, Mountain High Outfitters not only gained a user-friendly online store but also tapped into Front Row’s expertise, ensuring sustained success in the digital landscape. Beyond Shopify, Front Row provides access to professionals skilled in diverse digital marketing strategies, propelling Mountain High Outfitters to thrive on the internet. The future of Mountain High Outfitters is securely entrusted to Front Row, marking a strategic move that goes beyond a mere platform migration—it’s a boost to sales and long-term online prosperity.


Mountain High Outfitters’ journey to Shopify is just one of the many success stories attributed to Front Row. Numerous clients have achieved digital success by collaborating with Front Row. We pride ourselves on being more than just Shopify experts. Front Row houses professionals skilled in email marketing, SEO, web design and development, pay-per-click advertising, and graphic design. If you’re seeking a revolutionary approach to elevate your business in the ever-evolving digital landscape, reach out to Front Row today for a transformative experience.