Avoiding Common Pitfalls in E-commerce Migration

Conducting an eCommerce migration takes a lot of time and careful planning, no matter the size of your business. Data migration requires a lot of skill and technical knowledge to have a seamless transfer. Even if you do plan, many things could go wrong.

Most Common Pitfalls

  • Not creating an SEO plan.
    • Migrating data can lower your SEO score and decrease your organic traffic.
    • Have an SEO specialist audit your current rankings and pages in preparation for the data migration.
    • Create a plan for any 404 errors.
    • Plan for 301 redirects.
    • Monitor your SEO ranking during the migration.


  • Not cleaning up your data.
    • Audit your current pages and delete any pages that aren’t still in operation.
    • Prevent errors in product mapping, options, images, and inventory by reviewing your data after the migration.
    • Third-party apps can automate all data transfer.


  • Ignoring security.
    • During data migration, your business is at risk from cyber criminals.
    • Private business and customer data can be lost in the transition.
    • Consider who has access to your data and make sure they have proper security clearance while handling the data.
    • Backup your data in case of a security breach.


  • Assuming apps will work correctly.
    • If you are using new apps, make sure they are trustworthy and properly work. Security is a high priority when it comes to using new apps.
    • Use recommended and popular apps because they are more guaranteed to work correctly.


  • Attempting the data migration yourself.
    • If you’re a computer pro, you should have no problem transferring data.
    • If you’re not a computer pro, hiring a data migration specialist can prevent a lot of headaches.
    • Re-platforming requires a lot of knowledge in coding, development, and security.