Post-migration Support: Why Ongoing Assistance from Our Agency is Crucial


When migrating your store to Shopify, there are concerns both pre- and post-migration. While it’s important to be aware of the concerns for pre-migration, it is equally important to watch for issues that arise post-migration. Front Row Digital offers a wide range of services for your Shopify store. We have extensive knowledge in web development and store maintenance if you experience any post-migration issues.

Top Things to Look for Post-Migration

  • Test orders and checkout flow
    • Create a test product for your test order.
    • Place the test order through checkout.
    • Click estimate shipping to make sure your shipping methods are correct.
  • URL redirects
    • Make sure your 301 redirects are working correctly.
    • Make sure the correct product is affiliated with the correct URL.
  • Custom store theme
    • Make sure that your data and products align with your store’s theme.
    • Front Row Digital can create your store’s theme from scratch if you don’t like the pre-loaded images.
  • Mobile app development
    • Make sure your data loads correctly to your mobile-friendly store.