Optimizing Product Listings During Your Migration

When transferring data to your Shopify store during your migration, you may lose some of your data. Losing data can bring your business to a halt, so it is important to prevent any loss. The most popular reason you typically want to migrate your product listings is the fact that your old ecommerce platform doesn’t fit your needs anymore or its structure has drastically changed.

Risks of Data Migration

  • Poor timing – does Shopify offer the features that you need at the moment?
  • Data loss – are your pages ready for platform migration?
  • SEO failure – data migration can result in a loss of organic traffic if too much change occurs.
  • Too much change – too much change can affect your Google rank score.
  • Dead links – not redirecting your URL links can result in dead-end links and customer frustration.

How to Minimize Risks of Data Migration

  • Plan and prepare – write down the goals you want to accomplish with the data migration.
  • Data importation – you can import data manually or using a third-party app. Make sure all data is transferred afterwards.


SEO and URL redirects – set up redirects so that customers don’t get to your old store or cannot find the correct product.