Importance of Mobile Optimization: Ensuring websites and ads are mobile-friendly as usage continues to grow.

Importance of Mobile Optimization: Ensuring websites and ads are mobile-friendly as usage continues to grow.


More and more users are using their phones to access your website. Does your website look great on a phone? If it doesn’t, then you need to achieve mobile optimization. Mobile ads and websites must be modified for better performance. Mobile optimization is making the user experience better on their phones. You want the user experience to be the same on your website and mobile website. Over 57% of all traffic occurs on smartphones and tablets.


How to Enhance Mobile Websites and Ads

  • Make videos shorter and to the point
  • Make ads light because mobile internet connections might not be as fast as landline networks
  • Make content scrollable instead of clicking through multiple pages
  • Cropped and high-quality images because smartphone screens are smaller than computer screens
  • Large and intuitive buttons
  • Responsive templates for emails and surveys and filling in contact information
  • Keep written content short
  • Use accelerated mobile pages that work best on mobile networks


Mobile users are on the go and want their questions answered quickly. Users will leave your website if they can’t find information quickly. Imagine a user on the bus looking for your restaurant’s phone number. Will the page load quickly? Is your website easy to navigate?


Firstly, the user must find your phone number. If the phone number isn’t listed, then the user will find another restaurant. Secondly, if the user has to copy and paste your phone number, they may forget it. You can install a Google call function so that users don’t have to copy and paste your phone number.


When it comes to mobile ads, you need to think of the mobile website layout. You don’t want large ads that overpower the phone screen. According to AdMixer, the best size for mobile ads is 320×50. This size is known as the smartphone banner. Vertical ads work best because most users hold their phones vertical. Horizontal ads work best for video content on YouTube.


For your brand to remain competitive, mobile web optimization is a must. Users want to quickly access information and move on to their next task. Mobile ads and websites must be engaging enough to simultaneously retain and inform users. Get ready for the next wave of digital marketing innovations with an optimized mobile website.