From Cart to Conversion: Improving User Experience on Shopify

User experience starts even before your customer clicks into your Shopify store. Creating the best user experience can increase your conversions and sales. Your site’s design, navigation and search functionality, and the checkout process must meet your customer’s needs. If you can successfully build a seamless and user-accessible website, you can increase customer engagement and build trust.

Best User Experience Practices

  • Increase your site’s functionality
    • Don’t build flashy features that will distract your customers.
    • Make sure your site loads quickly and without issue.
    • Don’t overload your website with images.
  • Build sales funnels
    • Anticipate customer’s questions by building specific pages such as “About Us” or various product collections.
    • Anticipate the types of customers looking for your products. What type of content are they looking for? What are their expectations?
    • Push the call to action at the top of the webpage.
    • Include social proofs and customer reviews.
  • Create user-centered copy
    • Understand your target users and their needs.
    • Speak in the voice of the customer.
  • Implement easy online store navigation
    • Provide directions to guide visitors throughout your website.
    • Make your store mobile friendly.
    • Use contrasting colors and fonts to draw your customer’s eye to specific categories.