Data Integrity: Ensuring No Data Loss During the Transition

Transitioning from your old website to a Shopify platform can be daunting, especially if you have a large business. Shopify makes it easy to transfer your data from your old website to your Shopify website. There is a chance that you can lose data, but Shopify works hard to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Tips for Seamless Migration

  • Describe your goals before starting migration:
    • Document all your product descriptions, weight, URL, SKUs, and sales history.
    • List products in each collection.
    • Document all your pages.
    • Take note of all current customers and orders.
  • Document the following procedures:
    • What kind of data needs to be moved?
    • How is the data processed?
    • How much time will occur between migration and resuming activity?
    • In what order should things occur?
    • How should your data be mapped out?
  • Set up URL Redirects:
    • Set up 301 redirects for new URLs.
    • Prevent 404 errors.
  • Optimize product imagery:
    • Dispose of any imagery that needs to be updated.
    • Make sure all photos are compressed correctly.