Customizing Your New Shopify Store: Making the Most of Themes and Plugins

Setting up your Shopify store is the most important thing that you can do for your business. Your Shopify store sets the mood and experience for all your customers. 

Essential Tips for Building Your Store 

  • Learn how to operate Liquid
    • Liquid is Shopify’s open-source template language.
    • It is the language that powers all Shopify themes.
    • Find a resource to teach you how to operate Liquid.
  • Learn with Shopify’s Partner Academy
    • Self-study courses will help when first starting out on Shopify.
    • You will have to sign up for a Shopify partner account.
  • Use Slate Theme Toolkit
    • Helps developers create themes.
    • Foundation for building themes.
  • Stand out with a custom theme
    • Review existing themes and find your niche.
    • Make sure the functions are relevant to your business.