Amazon Merch on Demand

Overview for Amazon Merch on Demand

Amazon Merch on Demand is a print-on-demand program that allows you easily upload your artwork to be printed and sold on Amazon.

  • Upload your artwork
  • Set a list price
  • Amazon will print your design
  • Fast shipping with Amazon Prime
  • Earn monthly royalties

How Does it Work?

First sign up for Amazon Merch on Demand. Next create and upload your artwork. Then choose a product type and color. Next add a product description. Amazon will then create a product detail page for customers to buy your product. Amazon will handle all the production, shipping, and customer service, so there will be no upfront costs to you.

Steps to Sign Up

  1. Sign up for an Amazon account. A professional seller account is required to apply for Amazon Merch on Demand. (You can skip this step if your already have a professional seller account)
  2. Navigate to the Amazon Merch on Demand website and request an invitation.
  3. Fill out the required information (Such business, bank, and tax information).
  4. Wait for approval to start creating and uploading your designs.

Artwork/Design Specifications

  • Create your final artwork in RGB (stands for red, green, and blue and refers to the standard color base used for a digital display screen)
  • The minimum artwork size 485 x 485 pixels (larger dimensions are recommended)
  • Output of your artwork file at 100% of the print dimensions at 300dpi (dots per inch)
  • Artwork must be in .PNG format
  • Files size must be less than 25 MB

Amazon Merch on Demand Best Practices

  • Double check for misspelling or mistakes in your artwork before you submit it
  • Avoid using elements that will blend into the product color or consider using a print halo with a hard edge
  • Do not include product descriptions with misleading information examples includes “glow-in-the-dark” and “glitter”
  • Do not use wording to make promises like shipping time and print quality
  • Find a niche and do your research when picking your designs
  • Advertise your listing

What About Inventory and Payments?

Because Amazon handles the product, there is no inventory risk with the Amazon Merch on Demand program. Each product will be printed after the sale takes place. So how do you get paid? Amazon will pay you a royalty on every product you sell.

Intellectual Property Restrictions

Amazon cannot make, sell, or distribute that infringe on intellectual property rights which includes trademark and copyright. You must either have a license or receive permission from any third party if you wish to use their intellectual property. This applies to not only your design for a product, but also the product name, the product description, the bullet points, and the “brand” name you select. You must be able to provide documentation for any intellectual property owned by another brand.

You are responsible for making sure all artwork in your designs follows intellectual property rights. If you do not comply with the policy requirements your account with risk suspension or termination.

Amazon Merch on Demand Content Design Tier System

A new Amazon Merch on Demand account starts with 10 designs to be published. The next tier levels are 25, 100, 500, and 1,000. Accounts that have good standing will be able to move up in tier level. The “Dashboard” tab in the Merch portal will show you the number of products you can add your designs to each day. This is determined by your tier level.