Mountain High Outfitters

Project Brief

Migrate a large retailer from Magento to Shopify, while integrating web best practices and setting up the platform for future growth.

The Goal

Migrate platforms without downtime all while minimizing difficulty of the end user. Provide a modern, sleek theme that is both mobile focused while maintaining a high level of usability for a complex data set.

The Approach

Planning and analysis of the existing Magento platform a data, Migration including customers, orders and back end systems. Customization
of the theme and third party integrations
while maintaining the SEO value of the old website. QA and launch prep with post launch support and marketing endeavors and optimization after.

Rapid Results:


Increase in Orders


Increase in Cart Conversions


Increase in Top Line Revenue


Creating ongoing strategies successful migration in the time frame allotted. Mitigated most if not all challenges that cropped up, and had record sales just in time for the holiday season.