Enhancing Online Visibility- Smart Thermostat

Project Brief

A manufacturer in the smart home technology space, aimed to increase the online visibility and sales of one of their smart thermostat SKUs. Given the competitive nature of the smart home market, a strategic and multifaceted SEO campaign was required.

The Goal

The primary objective centered around significantly boosting the digital footprint of a specific SKU within the smart thermostat portfolio of the company. The overarching aim was not only to amplify its online visibility but also to strategically position it to capture greater market attention and ultimately spur sales growth.

The Approach

The campaign strategy was multifaceted, focusing on keyword research, retailer collaboration, and diverse link-building methods:

Keyword Research & Optimization:
1.  Developed a list of 25 high-potential keywords for smart thermostats, focusing on user intent and relevance.
2.  Selected keywords strategically to cover various consumer interests.

Retailer Collaboration & Identification:
1. Identified top retailers stocking the specific SKU through targeted methods.
2. Ensured campaign targeted platforms where potential customers are active.

Diverse Link Building:
1. Launched a link-building campaign with 14 techniques.
2. Techniques included microsites, blog posts, and Wiki entries.
3. Incorporated targeted keywords in each link to boost SEO for retailer pages featuring the SKU.

Rapid Results:


Increase in restocking orders from retailers.


Went from showing 2 products to all 8 in the first 10 spots on organic search.


This case study underscores the power of a well-orchestrated SEO strategy in enhancing product visibility in a competitive market. Through targeted keyword optimization, innovative link-building, and leveraging retailers existing authority, the campaign successfully positioned the companies’ smart thermostat SKU as a dominant player in its category. The results not only reflected in improved search rankings but also translated into tangible sales growth, showcasing the direct impact of strategic SEO on business objectives.